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Featuring Adonis, Lydia Davis, Boris Akunin, A.M. Homes, Martin Amis, Siri Hustvedt, Ivan Klíma, Tracy K. Smith, Colm Tóibín, Linn Ullmann, and many more.
PEN World Voices Festival
More than 150 writers from 30 nations will gather in New York City.
For its 10th anniversary, the Festival celebrates those who have dared to stand "on the edge," risking their careers, and sometimes their lives, to speak out for their art and beliefs. Building upon PEN American Center’s tradition of defending freedom of expression, the festival will foster cross-cultural dialogue among writers, artists, and citizens around the globe, offering connective tissue for a new generation to see beyond cultural divisions and misconceptions. Join us for a wide range of events, including debates, one-on-one conversations, participatory workshops, and performances in venues throughout the city.
For many writers, obsession is a necessary component of the artistic impulse. Poet Eileen Myles on Spoilage (4/29), LGBT activist Jennifer Finney Boylan on lost loves (4/30), anti-bullying activist Emily Bazelon on childhood demons (5/1), advice-columnist Dan Savage on Plaques and Trophies (5/2), Masha Gessen on Citizen-Victims (5/3)  more »
An insight into the deeply personal process by which a writer puts pen to page. Adonis w/Jorie Graham (4/29); Celebrated Czech novelist and playwright Ivan Klima w/Myla Goldberg (5/1), premier writer of literary detective novels Boris Akunin w/Peter Godwin (5/2), László Krasznahorkai w/Colm Tóibín (5/4).  more »
The public artist/intellectual's dependence on corporate and state financing, along with the failure to communicate with mass audiences, raise troubling questions about collaboration and who owns the public sphere. George Prochnik joins force with György Konrád, former president of International PEN, to discuss what role is left for the public intellectual today.  more »

"I want to stand as close to the edge as i can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center"

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