Ghostwriting: When Ancestors Speak

13 May 2022
5:00 pm ET
Judson Memorial Church

In a time of great loss, spirits are not just in the air or in the house—they also pervade our books. How does ancestral wisdom travel through literature, and what forms does it take? What ways can a writer receive voices from the past, and what is their responsibility to these voices? Is there an invocation that writing performs, especially poetry, in times of terrible loss, like the days we are currently living through? Join Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and former US Poet laureate Tracy K. Smith and the poet, critic, editor and curator Kevin Young as they discuss these and other crucial questions of kinship in their work. This conversation will be moderated by writer, cultural critic, and educator Sasha Bonét.

Please note: as of May 10, the elevator of this historic venue is non-functioning. The event space is located up stairs. Contact us at [email protected] with questions. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Sasha Bonét headshot
Sasha Bonét
Kevin Young headshot
Kevin Young
Tracy K. Smith headshot
Tracy K. Smith