Greening the Commons: Why Trees Matter

14 May 2022
5:00 pm ET
Garibaldi Plaza, Washington Square Park
Greening the Commons: Why Trees Matter event page image

In this outdoor event, poet-activist Eileen Myles, artist-activist Katie Holten, New York City Parks writer and photographer Benjamin Swett, and New York City Councilmember Christopher Marte gather to discuss the meaning and importance of green common space in a city, the challenges they face, the ways these organic spaces interact with the imagination to enrich civic life. Join them in Washington Square Park, an epicenter of New York life, culture, and activism, as they engage in a multidisciplinary conversation about the importance of public urban green spaces and the beauty, art, and ideas that grow from them. The speakers will be joined by renowned multi-instrumentalist Laura Ortman, who will be providing musical accompaniment for the event. The panel will be moderated by writer and editor John Freeman. ASL interpretation provided by Pro Bono ASL.

Presented with the support of the Consulate General of Ireland in New York.

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Laura Ortman
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John Freeman
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Benjamin Swett
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Eileen Myles
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Katie Holten
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Christopher Marte