Handmaid in America

21 Apr 2018
2:30 pm-4:00 pm
Rose Auditorium, Cooper Union
41 Cooper Square (Third Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets) New York, NY 10003

Forty-five years after the constitutional right to abortion was won in the U.S., attempts to subvert women’s reproductive rights have never been been more zealous or determined. How should we respond to the efforts by state and federal legislators to bring in laws and regulations that envision women as mere breeders?  Siri Hustvedt, author of A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women, and Leni Zumas author of Red Clocks, talk to Anne Summers about what roles literature, including fiction and poetry, philosophy and science, might have in helping us understand, and resist, such enduring misogyny.

Hosted by The Cooper Union Office of Continuing Education and Public Programs

Anne Summers 
Leni Zumas
Siri Hustvedt