Intelligence and Artifice: How will A.I. Change Literature?

13 May 2023
4:00 pm
Strand Book Store

In late November of 2022, the company OpenAI released its revolutionary ChatGPT technology, a free artificial-intelligence chatbot, to the world. Since then, op-ed sections, social media platforms, and brunch tables alike have been alive with discussions of the tool’s benefits—and potential consequences. ChatGPT can do useful things, like drafting tedious emails or synthesizing complex concepts into simpler explanations, but it poses concerns about what effects AI can and will have on literature and art. Will the creativity of artificial intelligence evolve to meaningfully compete with the human imagination? What does AI mean for the future of copyright when it generates its responses by drawing from human produced work? Can ChatGPT—and future, more advanced AI models—begin writing novels or short stories? Hari Kunzru (Red Pill, White Tears) and Meghan O’Gieblyn (God, Human, Animal, Machine; Interior States) join Andrew Marantz, author of the bestselling book Antisocial, for a timely and urgent conversation about the role of AI in literary spaces—and what we can expect from the future.

Meghan O’Gieblyn
Andrew Marantz
Hari Kunzru