Knowing the Other from Within: David Grossman and Dara Horn

12 May 2022
6:30 pm ET
AIA Center for Architecture
Knowing the Other from Within event page image

How does storytelling allow a reader to relinquish their own sense of history to enter another reality? Two master storytellers discuss how their work allows room for recognition of who we are in our own eyes and in one another’s. David Grossman, “one of our outstanding contemporary writers” (The New York Times), in his latest novel More Than I Love My Life crafts a transcendent intergenerational story that centers around “a powerful retelling of a Jewish woman’s extraordinary life, and of a family’s emotional trauma” (The Guardian). Dara Horn’s People Love Dead Jews—“a contender for the most arresting title of the year,” explores the lives that murdered Jews “might have lived and her own ‘haunted present’” (The Washington Post)—as well as the ways in which Jewish history is exploited and commodified. The conversation will be moderated by BAFTA New Writing Award winner Sam Sussman.

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Sam Sussman
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David Grossman
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Dara Horn