Nationalism and the Future of Democracies

13 May 2022
5:00 pm ET
Strand Book Store
Apocalyptic Nationalism and the Future of Democracy featured image

In his upcoming work of nonfiction, After Nations, Rana Dasgupta explores the nation-state’s decline, offers a chillingly precise way of understanding various geopolitical crises, and argues that the nation-state is being overwhelmed by such 21st-century forces as finance, technology, religion, and nature. What will happen if nation-states can no longer deliver the benefits we have come to expect? What other politics is there? In a roundtable discussion, Dasgupta will be joined by Branko Milanovic, a leading analyst of the present world order focusing on wealth inequality, whose “erudite, illuminating” (New York Review of Books) 2019 book Capitalism, Alone warns that “the survival of liberal democracies is anything but assured” (The Economist). PEN World Voices Festival curator and writer Devyani Saltzman will facilitate this discussion.

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Devyani Saltzman
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Rana Dasgupta
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Branko Milanović