Objectivity in the Era of Polarity

The standards of journalistic objectivity remain hotly contested by readers, prominent media figures, and writers attached to newspapers of record. As we near another election cycle, questions about normalizing “extremist” views and accusations of journalists engaging in “both-siderism” will once again dominate public discourse. Meanwhile, debates continue to unfold around which journalists can cover sexual harassment stories, and whether the events impacting specific communities should only be covered by reporters belonging to them. A panel of luminary and award-winning journalists and correspondents including Margaret Sullivan, Jelani Cobb, Wesley Lowery, and Robert Costa will convene to discuss journalistic objectivity, critiques of the practice, and its continued relevance with moderator and PEN America CEO, Suzanne Nossel.

Wesley Lowery
Robert Costa
Suzanne Nossel
Jelani Cobb
Margaret Sullivan