Politicized: Writing Trans Narratives Today

13 May 2023
5:00 pm
AIA Center for Architecture Room 532

Trans stories today are working against a daunting history of suppression, erasure, and violence. This event convenes transgender and cis writers to explore how they approach writing transgender stories in light of an alarming rise in hate speech and anti-trans legislation, and the concurrently increasing removal of LGBTQIA+ stories from schools and libraries. How does this moment affect the writer’s approach to their work? How do the writers make space for their art and create narratives beyond the struggle for equality? What is it like to be publicly trans at a time when public transness is being criminalized and erased? An array of writers including novelist James Hannaham (Didn’t Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta), writer and social critic Jeremiah Moss (Feral City), and award winning producer, model, and advocate Geena Rocero (Horse Barbie) come together to dive into these questions and share their recent and forthcoming works. Writer and critic Maya Gittelman will lead this crucial conversation.

Geena Rocero
Maya Gittelman
James Hannaham
Jeremiah Moss