Secrets and Lives

12 May 2019
12:00 pm-1:30 pm
Frederick P. Rose Auditorium
The Cooper Union 41 Cooper Sq., New York, NY 10003

Imagine discovering, through a genealogy website, that the man who you’d grown up believing to be your father was in fact not. Or what if you knew, from childhood on, that your family and community were sustained by an illegal lottery your mother ran from within your home? Best-selling memoirist Dani Shapiro and acclaimed novelist and filmmaker Bridgett M. Davis lived these extraordinary stories and transformed them into fascinating memoirs. They talk to New York Magazine books editor Boris Kachka about the life-changing secrets that families hold close, and what happens when those hidden experiences are shared with the world.

Hosted by The Cooper Union Office of Continuing Education and Public Programs, and presented with New York Magazine.

This event is part of the World Voices Festival My Story stream, supported by Amazon Literary Partnership.

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Boris Kachka
Dani Shapiro
Bridgett M. Davis

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