The Affordability Crisis and Future Hope


The current global cost of living crisis is fueling a staggering rise in inequality as it catapults health care, housing, food, and education to unaffordable extremes. Outside of the Global South, this is especially true across the United States, the richest country on earth which also has the most poverty of any advanced democracy. Pulitzer-Prize winning sociologist Matthew Desmond, whose Poverty, by America was one of the most anticipated books of 2023; policy advocate and New York Times bestselling author of The Sum of Us Heather McGhee; and Bootstrapped: Liberating Ourselves from the American Dream author and Executive Director of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project Alissa Quart join for an in-depth conversation moderated by sociologist, New York Times columnist, and Thick: And Other Essays author Tressie McMillan Cottom. Together, they will address this pressing crisis that cuts across race and geography, and ask how we can imagine possible solutions.

Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom
Matthew Desmond
Heather McGhee
Alissa Quart