Ukrainian Writers at War

13 May 2023
1:00 pm
Church of the Village

The war in Ukraine has brought forth a remarkable resistance and solidarity among its citizens, as well as unimaginable personal and professional transformations. Artem Chapeye, fiction writer, is now a private in the Defense Forces; Artem Chekh, whose 2022 New York Times Op-Ed was titled “I’m a Ukrainian Soldier and I’ve Accepted My Death,” now patrols the Chernobyl exclusion zone; and poet/filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk—winner of 2020 Directing Award in World Cinema at Sundance—fled besieged Kyiv with her son and her cat. In an urgent convocation, these Ukrainian writers tell the story of their country’s struggle from their various and precarious perspectives. The event will be moderated by former U.S. Marine and National Book Award-winning novelist and non-fiction writer Phil Klay.

Artem Chapeye
Artem Chekh
Iryna Tsilyk
Phil Klay