Women Writing War

War writing has long been a category dominated by male journalists and authors. Increasingly, women are reporting from the front lines, and writing short stories, diaries, poetry collections, and dramatic works that illuminate the political intricacies, physical and emotional extremes, unfathomable cruelties, and causes and aftermaths of war. This panel includes writers and one visual artist—Tamta Melashvili, Lusine Kharatyan, Marjan Moghaddam, and Anna Badkhen—who have chronicled conflict and its effect on civilians in war zones (as well as efforts at reconciliation) in the 2008 Russo-Georgian war, the second Nagorno-Karabakh war, and from the fronts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa. Pulitzer Prize winning poet and human rights advocate Carolyn Forché (In the Lateness of the World) will moderate this discussion.

This program is presented with the support of PEN Eurasia and PEN Armenia.

Carolyn Forché
Tamta Melashvili
Marjan Moghaddam
Lusine Kharatyan
Anna Badkhen