Anne Weber

Anne Weber


Anne Weber is a German-French author, translator into both French and German, and self-translator. She studied in Paris and worked for several publishers.  Anne Weber started writing and publishing in French, but immediately translated her first book IDA INVENTE LA POUDRE into German as IDEA ERFINDET DAS SCHIEßPULVER. Since then, she has written each of her books in French and German. Her self-translations are often published at the same time in France and Germany. In 2005, she received the 3Sat award at the Festival of German-Language Literature. For her translation of Pierre Michon, she received a European translation award, the Europäischer Übersetzerpreis Offenburg. She was awarded the 2020 German Book Prize for ANNETTE, EIN HELDINNENEPOS which has sold more than 200,000 copies.

Events with Anne Weber

Standing in the Shadows of History

13 May 2023
2:30 pm
AIA Center for Architecture Tafel Hall