Artem Chapeye

Artem Chapeye


Artem Chapeye (Артем Чапай) is a Ukrainian writer, reporter, translator and activist. He writes creative nonfiction as well as popular fiction. He is a fourtime finalist of the BBC Ukraine Book of the Year Award.

He had a career breakthrough when his second book TRAVELING WITH MAMAYOTA: IN SEARCH OF UKRAINE (2011) was shortlisted for the BBC Ukraine Book of the Year Award. He was also recognised for his nearfuture dystopia THE RED ZONE (2014), migration novel THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD (2015), short story collection THE UKRAINE (2018), and postapocalypse THE WEATHERING (2021).

An avowed pacifist and a volunteer translator of Ghandi, he nevertheless decided to join the armed resistance against Russian invasion in 2022.

Events with Artem Chapeye

Ukrainian Writers at War

13 May 2023
1:00 pm
Church of the Village