Artem Chekh

Artem Chekh


Artem Chekh is Ukrainian writer, the author of more than 10 fiction and non-fiction books, mostly known for his latest ABSOLUTE ZERO, DISTRICT D, WHO ARE YOU?. Born in Cherkasy, Artem Chekh lives in Kyiv. He’s married to filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk and they have a son.

Artem Chekh’s books were published in English, German, Polish, Czech, Georgian and have got Joseph Conrad-Kozienowski Literary Prize (2019), BBC Book of the Year (2021) and other awards. “Who Are You?” is screened by Iryna Tsilyk, the film “Rock. Paper. Grenade” was premiered in 2022.

Over the years of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Artem Chekh served in the Ukrainian Armed Forces twice – in 2015-2016 and now. His first experience of being a soldier is brightly depicted in the book “Absolute Zero” that became some kind of a milestone for the author.

Events with Artem Chekh

Ukrainian Writers at War

13 May 2023
1:00 pm
Church of the Village