Jô Bilac

Jô Bilac


Jô Bilac was born in Rio de Janeiro and spent his childhood in Madrid. He co-founded the Cia de Teatro Independente (Independent Theatre Company) in 2007 with Vinicius Arneiro, Carolina Pismel, Paulo Verlings, and Julia Marini. The first two plays Cachorro! (Dog!) and Rebu (Turmoil) were performed with his company all over Brazil. Jô Bilac wrote Limpe todo Sangue Antes que Manche o Carpete (Clean All Blood Before it Stains the Carpet), Savana Glacial (Icy Savannah; Shell Award for Best Play, 2010), Popcorn and Gato Branco (White Cat). His 2013 play, Conselho de Classe (Class Council), won the Cesgranrio Award, APTR Award and the Shell Award for best play. Bilac was the artistic director of Teatro Glaucio Gil with actor Marcio Libar and was part of the dramadiario site (dailydrama web site) with six other playwrights from Rio de Janeiro.

Photo Credit: Thadeu Nogueira

Events with Jô Bilac

World Voices: International Play Festival 2017 – Day Two

02 May 2017
4:00 pm-10:00 pm
Segal Theatre, GC CUNY
365 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016