Shiori Ito

Shiori Ito


Shiori Ito is a journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker from Japan. Based on her own experience of rape, her book Black Box (2017) reveals the sexism in Japan’s society and institutions. In 2018, she won the Freedom of the Press Award, given by the Free Press Association of Japan. Ito advocates against gender-based violence throughout the world.

Photo Credit: Sono Aida

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Events with Shiori Ito

Intimate Terrorism

10 May 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
45 Bleecker St.
New York, NY 10012

It Happened to Me, Presented with The Guardian

11 May 2019
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
SubCulture 45 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10012